.Hyundai Pushes Further Upscale with HCD-14 Concept.

2014 kia sorento

Hyundai Motor Co. said will debut its HCD-14concept vehicle at this month’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The low-cut, fastback car — call it an answer to the Audi A7 if you like –is meant as a hint of Hyundai’s plans in the high-end car market. It also shows where the company is headed with ”advanced 3-D gesture-based technology controls” and driving dynamics that are sportier than in past Hyundai vehicles.

To a degree, Hyundai has already moved away from its roots as a budget-car builder with more luxurious, expensive models like the Genesis and Equus sedans. However, those cars have failed to place the Korean brand in the same league as BMW, Audi and Mercedes-Benz in the eyes of many drivers.

The company plans to unveil the HCD-14 at 3 pm EST on Jan. 14.



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