Gary Rome Hyundai’s Service Technician Heads to Seoul South Korea To Represent Hyundai in National Skills Competition

Hyundai’s National Skills Competition Approaches — Are you attending, or do you know any of the participants??

Gary Rome Hyundai has someone to be proud of during the competition in Seoul. Matt has been with the Gary Rome Hyundai family for over 12 years. Whether it’s engine or transmission work, Matt enjoys putting smiles on customers’ faces.

As a Highly decorated service technician and Mensa member, Matt has no problems getting under the hood of your car, diagnosing issues, and coming up with solutions customers find valuable.

Matt’s first competition win was in 2008 when he won the Hyundai National Skills Competition which allowed him to compete in Korea in 2009. There he won an Excellent Skills medal. Last year, he won the National Skills Competition and is preparing to leave for South Korea later in 2015 where he plans on winning.

15 of the best technicians throughout the country are chosen to compete in the Hyundai National Skills Competition. Matt has been honing his skills throughout the year and is ready for the Seoul competition.

The search for Hyundai’s top Technician began in Montgomery, Alabama in the training facilities at Hyundai’s manufacturing plant. Highly skilled technicians from around the United States will travel there to compete for a chance to represent Hyundai Motor America at the World Skills Competition in Seoul, South Korea this year. The hand-picked contestants will undertake written testing on October 26, and perform hands-on exercises the following day. The contest will conclude with the selection of the four top competitors and an alternateThat team trains several times throughout next year prior to heading to Korea. See an Interview with Matt here.


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