Hyundai to Replace Tires On All 2015 Genesis Sedans

Hyundai Genesis drivers are about to get a fresh set of tires, free of charge. Owners of the current-generation Korean luxury sedan—redesigned for the 2015 model year—will be receiving a service bulletin notifying them that Hyundai will replace their current tires with a different brand, due to the possibility of vibration and road noise.

Until now, all versions of the Hyundai Genesis with 18- or 19-inch wheels have been fitted with Hankook Venus S1 Noble 2 tires. The Hankook 18-inch tires will be replaced with a Michelin model, while all 19-inch tires will be replaced with Continental ProContact DX rubber (per service campaign P18).

“Our dealers will replace the current tires with four brand new tires, regardless of whether the customer has experienced issues with the tires or not,” said Hyundai spokesman Jim Trainor.

On March 19, Consumer Reports first became aware of the service campaign initiated in the South Korean market—although no such campaign existed in the United States.

When originally contacted at that time, Hyundai Motor America had not announced plans to replace tires for American customers. When we recontacted Hyundai on April 7, it appeared that our persistence had resulted in the service campaign being extended to U.S. customers.

If there is any difference in the performance of the Genesis in our test fleet when shod with different tires, we will let you know.




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